We are living in the 21st Century. There are certain skills, especially in the Information Technology field, that have become globally important. A professional certification in a particular skill in the IT or digital industry is the validation that a particular individual has expertise in using a technology or has received training to perform a particular IT job.

What Are The Benefits Offered By
Getting A Certification From DESTM?

At DESTM, we offer a wide range of IT and digital courses. Enrolling for these courses and completing them assists candidates and
offers them a lot of advantages.

Proven Expertise And Skills

Getting a certification from a reputed and professional company like DESTM is a proof and validation of the existing IT skills that the individual has learned during the course. Having the IT credentials establishes a baseline of knowledge that is not just common across the industry, but anywhere around the world. Our certifications are accepted by leading companies not just in India but globally. Since a certification is only issued once the course is completed and once the candidate has successfully completed the assignment or test related to the course. A certification also indicates that the individual has practical (hands-on) skills in a particular technology or technique.

Growth Opportunities

Having multiple certifications from DESTM offer numerous growth opportunities for individuals. Getting the latest IT certifications proves that your skill sets are up-to-date with the latest. This ensures better growth opportunities within the same organization or a new one.

Career Flexibility

At DESTM, we offer the right certification training tools & materials. Having multiple certifications can help an individual make a career shift from one company to another. With certifications, it is also possible for individuals to switch careers. Certification from DESTM not only sharpens the existing skills, but also serves as an effective way of diversifying them. Thus, career flexibility opens up new horizons for those who want to move from one field to another.

Learners Make The Right Investment In Their Career By Choosing To Go For Certification Courses

Mastering a skill is no easy task. It requires constant dedication and commitment of time and efforts for learning. At DESTM, earning the accredited certification for different courses is not a cakewalk. There are several meticulous & rigorous training to be done. After completion of the course, there is an aptitude & analytical test that needs to be cleared for him/her to receive the certificate. Acquiring a certification from DESTM is a dream for many. However, we only take a limited number of talented individuals per batch. For any learning, enrolling for the IT & digital courses is committing the time & resources to get certified. This proves the interest and dedication of an individual to the IT career.

Better Networking Opportunities

Certified IT professionals get access to a global community of similar professionals. Certified professionals can network better with like-minded people in conferences, seminars, social networking websites, to get new opportunities, support, & guidance for new projects.

Bridging The Skills Gap That Exists Globally

Be it any business or industry across the globe, there is a huge shortage of skilled and expert IT professionals. Although there are many openings in the job market, there aren’t enough skilled and qualified individuals to fill these vacant positions. Certification helps to close the skills gap that exists in the world. One of the main aims of certification at DESTM is closing the skills gap that exists in the industry.

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Our Certification Complements the Educational Qualification

Professional certification cannot be termed as a replacement for an actual degree. It complements or supports the formal education or experience in a particular field. Once a candidate earns acertification, there is a specific qualification assigned against the name. This particular designation helps to differentiate the certified professionals from others who don’t have the certification. This provides a competitive edge to the ones who are certified and professional credibility as well in the market.

Do You Know? 91 percent of the organizations use certifications in Information Technology as a key indicator to identify the perfect candidate in the hiring process.

Our Certification Courses Follow a Practical Approach

At DESTM, we offer a wide range of certification courses. These certification courses have excellent curriculum designed & proposed by leading industry stalwarts. The IT industry and many others around the world lack individuals with leadership skills. The certification courses at DESTM,not only teach programming and UI/UX designing skills but also leadership skills as well.

The certification courses at DESTM follow a practical and hands-on approach rather than just rote learning. It is important to know about technical concepts in theory. What matters is how those concepts and learnings can be applied practically.

Most certification courses might teach candidates about Flutter, React Native, Python, and many other languages. However, not many certification courses actually have live projects where the learners can work with these languages and write clean codes.

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Our Certification Courses Aim at
Bringing Out the Leadership Qualities

The different certification courses at DESTM aim to bring out the best qualities and abilities in candidates.

There may be certain innate qualities in an individual, but they might not be visible because thejob or role that an individual performs may not need those skills. Leadership skills is one of them.

The industry is looking for leaders, with powerful leadership skills. This is exactly what our certification courses aim at.

The certification courses offered by us are not merely degrees or a piece of paper to be placed on the wall. They really help transform the lives of individuals who are seriously looking to make a career in the IT industry, or anyone who is looking for higher growth in the industry.

Different Certification Courses We Offer

Mobile App Development Certification Courses

Training given to individuals in various aspects of mobile app development on various platforms such as Android and iOS.

Software Development Certification Courses

We not only build software for our clients, but also help trainees and those planning to pursue a career in software development create flawless software with rigorous testing procedures.

Web Development Certification Courses

Our web design and development certification courses help convert trainees from the IT industry into professionals that build aesthetically appealing & power-packed websites & web apps.