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It All Starts With The Training Programs

DESTM is a leading name in the world of Information Technology and Software Development. At DESTM, we not only offer app design, development, and testing services to clients, but also impart training to candidates, especially the talented ones in their area of interest. Our training programs are meticulously designed by top industry experts. Once the candidates successfully achieve the certification and complete their training programs with us, we offer a new world of opportunities to them.

The training programs are specifically designed to help candidates learn the necessary skill sets in today’s tech-savvy world. Our courses are a great platform for individuals to learn and excel in their careers, instead of occupying the same designation for so many years.

Recruitment After The Training Program

Once you receive a certification from a leading brand like DESTM, you get a chance to explore a lot of opportunities in the digital world. At DESTM, we recruit young, budding, and talented individuals, and transform them into professionals from newbies.

Based on the skill sets, performance, and area of expertise, we provide recruitment services to every individual who has completed the certification course from us.

As soon as a candidate completes the certification course, he/she gets promoted to the work placement.

At DESTM, it is not just about imparting some theoretical knowledge, but focusing on the practical and hands-on skills.

Our curriculum is designed to facilitate holistic learning and development of candidates rather than rote learning.

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Bridging The Gap Industry Skill That Exists

There is a huge shortage of skilled expertise in the IT industry, especially those who have the necessary skill sets that the industry demands.

At DESTM, our focus is to bridge the skills gap that exists between what the industry actually wants and the professionals really have.

Do you know? For every vacant position in the tech industry for about two months, companies lose around $30,000.

The main purpose of DESTM in conducting talent recruitments and various training programs is to reduce the skills shortage that exists in the industry, and minimize the talent gap that continues to get worse.

Things We Keep in Mind Before Recruiting A Candidate

For smart businesses and organizations across the globe, recruitment is the top-most priority. This is true for DESTM as well. We believe that investing in recruitment of the right people can help our organization grow. The quality of the workforce determines the productivity and profitability of an organization. When considering candidates for recruitment, we focus on a lot of different factors. Here are some of them.

Education and Academics

The education background of a candidate is important. It is crucial to see whether a candidate has a professional degree in a particular subject or not.

At DESTM, we prefer candidates who have a professional bachelor's or master’s degree in Information Technology or Computer Science. It would be best for the candidate to have a degree that complements the business.

For example, if we are conducting recruitments for an Android app developer, we would preferably hire someone who has valid academic qualifications & credentials in the same or any related field.

We prefer to hire candidates who have done certification courses from us or other recognized institutes or universities.

However, at the same time, it is important to note that academic qualifications and credentials are not the only parameters to recruit talented individuals at DESTM.

There may be certain positions where higher and advanced education may not be needed at all.

Hands-on work Experience

For us at DESTM, hands-on work experience is perhaps that most important consideration before taking a candidate on-board.

Even when we conduct placements for other small businesses, large organizations, and corporations, real-time work experience is what they are looking for.

Even if a candidate does not have the academic qualifications to support his/her talent, work experience would be more than sufficient to hire the right talent for the right job.

Experience in particular areas like writing codes in a particular programming language like Java, C++, Kotlin, etc., can be essential for specific job roles

For some other positions, work experience may not be mandatory, but is always preferable and indicates quality work ethics.

At DESTM, we also ask candidates questions regarding the results obtained by them in previous work situations.

Candidates who can provide concrete information and data regarding the results obtained by them in their previous organization or past works are likely to be really strong & experienced performers

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Specific Skill Sets

The specific skill sets possessed by candidates can sometimes give them a competitive edge over others.

Specific skill sets really matter to every business.

For example, at DESTM, a candidate who knows both native &cross-platform app development would be preferred over a candidate who knows either of the one. Also, someone who is aware of the latest technologies such as augmented reality, machine learning, virtual reality, and many others would be the most ideal talent to hire.

Having a variety of skills is really desirable and improves the chances of hiring.

At DESTM, we not only test the candidates for essential skills but also additional skills as well as mentioned by the candidate.

Leadership Skills

One of the major reasons why we perform talent recruitment after the certification course is that we love to hire and groom the right talents who have the innate leadership skills. Our focus is to develop future leaders who can take the industry forward to greater heights. Having leadership skills is really crucial if a candidate wants to excel in the digital world and the IT industry. Some of the leadership skills that we look forward to in a talented individual are:

  • Seamless communication
  • Learning ability
  • Self-awareness
  • Care for others
  • Empathy
  • Ability to delegate
  • Problem-solving approach
  • Decision-making
  • Accountability
  • Reliability

It is indispensable to nurture talented individuals for the purpose of getting future leaders in the industry.

Great leaders are not born in a day. They need to be nurtured with care for many years.

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A candidate who approaches us for placement, either at DESTM or any other external organization needs to have the basic quality of self-confidence.

Having the quality of self-confidence creates the first long-lasting impression.

It is probably the way the candidate (person) will approach clients too.

An applicant who has self-confidence has trust in his/her own abilities and a belief that anything can be accomplished.

Having the quality of self-confidence would also mean that the candidate would not be scared of facing challenges and overcoming them.

Smiling and Warm Personality

When handling clients and working with a team, it is crucial to have a smiling and warm personality.

We hire candidates who can work well with others and take the entire team along.

A company is not just about one individual performing. It is about getting the best from other talented members in a team to get maximum productivity and efficiency.

Candidate Evaluation

At DESTM, we believe in interviewing and assessing all candidates with fairness and have set clear criteria for the same.

We follow the best practices while interviewing candidates and maintain a set of questions.

Our evaluation is not just based on how a candidate responds to questions but how he/she reacts to a particular situation, especially a complicated one.

Our Recruitment Process is not Just About Hiring

Finding and placing a talent in a particular role at DESTM is not the end of the recruitment process. At DESTM, we have an effective and top-notch on-boarding strategy to support new employees and the experienced ones too. Our on-boarding and support programs, post recruitment ensures a low attrition rate and improves employee retention.

At DESTM, we make the recruitment process extremely easy and convenient for candidates. We allow them to choose the most comfortable timing and date for interview and screening. For candidates who are located at far-off or remote locations, we conduct virtual interviews as well over Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet depending on the convenience of the candidates.

At the end of the day, what matters at DESTM is hiring the right people to perform the right job, at the right time, and at the right place to get the best possible results.

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