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What is Java?


Java is a general-purpose, high-level, object-oriented, programming language that is widely used and well-documented.

Java is used for web development, desktop applications, enterprise app development, Android development, and Internet of Things (IoT), embedded systems, robotics, games, etc.

Use of Java as a programming language for development projects means less implementation dependencies.

With Java, codes written for one platform can be used anywhere for other platforms as well.

Benefits of using Java for software development

Simple and easy-to-use Image Simple and easy-to-use Hover Image

Simple and easy-to-use

Java is easy to understand, write, learn, and maintain. Codes written in Java can be debugged easily. Java syntax is less complex compared to other programming languages.

Object-oriented Image Object-oriented Hover Image


Java is an object oriented programming (OOP) language that allows developers to improve the code flexibility and usability. The Java objects can be reused easily in other programs.

Portability Image Portability Hover Image


Java shows platform independence. This means that Java code can be run anywhere on any platform. The portability feature of Java makes it easily executable on any platform without any hassles.

Multi-threaded Image Multi-threaded Hover Image


Java is a multi-threaded programming language, i.e. more than one threads are able to run simultaneously without affecting each other. Multiple threads help to enhance the efficiency and performance of the applications.

Secure Image Secure Hover Image


Java as a programming language is extremely secure due to the presence of error detection and automated memory management features. Also, there are no pointers in the Java programming language. This prevents unauthorized reading and editing of codes.

Platform independent Image Platform independent Hover Image

Platform independent

Java follows the approach of Write Once, Run Anywhere. The compiled code can be used in any machine having any OS that supports the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Cost-effective Image Cost-effective Hover Image


Java programs can be easily executed on any machine without requiring any extra cost.

Powerful tools Image Powerful tools Hover Image

Powerful tools

The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) of Java has a complete suite of powerful tools and debuggers.

Our Java development services

At Destm, we offer a complete range of end-to-end Java development services and solutions. No matter which Java development service you are looking for, we have everything at Destm.

The custom web app development solutions we offer to our clients are all about scalability, reliability, and responsiveness. Our in-house Java developers build robust web applications using Java technologies such as Java EE, JSP, JSF, Java Servlet API, etc.

Our Java experts are experienced and skilled to build custom enterprise apps and integrate them with other business systems. We build enterprise-level apps for different businesses belonging to various industry domains. The J2EE platform that we use makes the entire process of developing enterprise apps extremely easy and convenient.

The in-house team of Java programmers at Destm have developed powerful Java CMS software using Java technologies such as Spring Boot. The Java CMS developed by provides omnichannel control to the content. It empowers businesses to create the web content they need. At the same time, it gives them the option of image management as well as document management.

Our Java experts create RESTful APIs using Java (Spring Boot) which are lightweight, powerful, secure, and capable of delivering a high performance. These APIs can be used to develop other third-party applications.

Our Java support and maintenance service help to keep those applications running seamlessly without any failures. Our comprehensive end-to-end support and maintenance is crucial for uninterrupted performance of the Java applications.

Java QA and testing is a crucial part of the Java software development lifecycle. It ensures that the Java software is free from any kind of errors. We perform different types of testing procedures - functional, performance, security, load, automation, manual, and others.

We have the expertise coupled with the experience to migrate and upgrade existing business apps in a lower Java version or another platform to a higher level Java-based framework. This helps to meet the ever-changing business demands and technology limitations.

We build high performance and feature-rich native mobile apps capable of functioning smoothly on the Android platform using J2EE, Java ME, and a single code base.

At Destm, we have the competency and potential to offer custom Java development solutions to businesses who are looking for enhanced scalability, reliability, functionality, and responsiveness in the specialized tailor-made solutions for their requirements.

Destm has the expertise to use Java for creating high-end customized solutions for various wearable gadgets

Java frameworks we expertise in

Java frameworks are nothing but tools having pre-written codes. The framework serves as a template or a base for our Java developers. The Java frameworks make life extremely easy and convenient for our programmers and reduce the time required for completion of projects. This means apps get developed and deployed faster, thus saving valuable time and money. Java frameworks enable developers to fill their code as required in the framework. There is no need to write each code line again from scratch.

Here are some of the Java frameworks that we expertise in and use to develop software faster, easier, and better.

Spring Boot Image

Spring Boot

  • It is a robust and fast framework that offers the advantage of easy setup, configuration, and deployment of apps.
  • Our Java developers can start developing the Spring application immediately without wasting any time on preparation and configuration.
  • It is a lightweight framework built on top of Spring and offers a great deal of flexibility.
Java Message Service (JMS) Image

Java Message Service (JMS)

  • It is an API that is used to communicate between two applications.
  • Using JMS, a message can be created, sent, and read across two applications.
  • It offers asynchronous means of communication between two or more systems.
JavaServer Faces (JSF) Image

JavaServer Faces (JSF)

  • It is an open-source web app development framework that makes it easy for our Java developers to create user interfaces for server-side apps
  • It offers reusable UI components and rich libraries making the task of creating a UI simple and hassle-free
  • It improves productivity and enhances consistency as well.
Spring Image


  • It is the most popular app development framework for Java.
  • By making use of this framework, our Java developers are able to create high performing, easily scalable, and testable applications.
  • This framework is quite lightweight, with the basic Spring version having a size of only about 2 MB
  • It functions on Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs) which make the application lightweight.
JavaServer Pages (JSP) Image

JavaServer Pages (JSP)

  • It is a Java web technology that allows our Java programmers to write dynamic, powerful, and data-driver pages for the Java web applications.
  • Web pages created using JSP technology are quite easy to manage.
  • JSP development is easy due to the presence of custom tags, predefined tags, and expression language.
  • In order to carry out changes in the JSP web page, recompilation and redeployment is not needed.

In addition to these, we also specialize in other Java technologies including:

  • JavaSE
  • JavaEE
  • Dropwizard
  • Grails
  • Groovy
  • Hibernate
  • Struts
  • Google Web ToolKit (GWT)
Java Frameworks Image

Our Java App Development Process / Java Development Methodology

This is the first and most crucial phase in the Java development cycle for both the Java programmers and project managers as well. In this phase, the client communicates the requirements, specifications, and the expectations that he/she has in mind about the Java development project. All this information is captured by our team of analysts. The requirement will also include the target audience and how the app is going to be used.

This phase involves performing a detailed analysis of the application that is going to be developed. The important decision of the features, database, frontend, backend, frameworks, and other tools to be used are taken. This phase involves creating prototypes, wireframes, flow charts, data flow diagrams, and decision trees as well.

In the development stage, our expert Java developers write the codes and test any newly implemented features. The core focus of this stage is to create the perfect codes. Any bugs encountered during this stage are taken care of immediately.

Unit testing is a crucial aspect of the development stage. In unit testing, our testing experts perform testing of the individual components or units of a software developed using Java. Unit is the smallest portion of a software that can be tested. It helps in identifying any problems with the software right at the beginning. It points out which unit is functioning correctly and which one is not. Unit testing helps to identify bugs much earlier compared to manual testing since small units are tested in unit testing. Unit tests are a part of the code. New code files are created by our Java developers for unit testing.

Test case is a group of actions that our Java development experts perform to check whether the software is functioning properly or not. A test case involves measuring the functionality of the Java application. The test case helps enhance the quality of the application and makes sure that the software meets the end user requirements.

We can deploy the application either manually or through the use of Continuous Integration (CI) or Continuous Delivery (CD).

The different deployment environments that we are capable of performing at Destm are:

Once our Java Developers are confident and satisfied about the stability of the codes they have written, it goes through the staging environment. All the hardcore app testing is performed in the stage environment. In this stage, meticulous quality assurance is performed by our testing team to check the staging servers and whether the app is functioning the way it should. Our QA experts run test cases to identify any unwanted bugs and carry out performance tests to find out if there is any more scope for improvement. If any bugs or potential areas of improvement are identified, it is reported to the developers and the entire process is repeated till it reaches the staging environment again.

This stage involves focusing on the basic elements and choosing the right themes, colours, fonts, and style to create a captivating and attractive design for the e-commerce store. Designing is extremely crucial since it creates the first impression on the minds of users when they open the e-commerce store. The right design for an e-commerce store helps deliver engaging user experiences to maximize conversions.

Our e-commerce development team carefully analyses the requirements and starts developing the e-commerce store from scratch. At every step of development, we perform rigorous testing to ensure that the final e-commerce store is bug-free before deployment.

The Destm marketing team focuses on increasing the reach of your e-commerce store with proven SEO tools and techniques.

Test case is a group of actions that our Java development experts perform to check whether the software is functioning properly or not. A test case involves measuring the functionality of the Java application. The test case helps enhance the quality of the application and makes sure that the software meets the end user requirements.

Industries we serve

Being Java development partners for different businesses belonging to diverse industry verticals. At Destm, we believe in delivering the right solutions for the right businesses. We offer a comprehensive Java suite for various industries including but not limited to the following:

  • Real Estate
  • Social media
  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Publishing and Printing
  • Education and Learning
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Automotive
industry we serve
  • Information Technology
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Restaurants
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Telecommunication
  • Oil and Gas
  • Energy and Utilities

Why choose Destm for Java development?

Here are our key differentiators that make us stand a class apart as a Java development partner.

In today's rapidly transforming and ever-changing business environment, we provide competent Java services and solutions based on the custom needs of the clients to meet their business goals.

Destm is fully committed to delivering maximum value to all our clients as a reliable Java technology partner. Our success is defined by the success that our clients are able to achieve from our solutions.

The case studies, testimonials from clients and all our past work are a reflection of our potential and the kind of work we do. The work that we do speaks for itself.

At Destm, we believe in creating a win-win situation for both the clients and us. This is possible by establishing a seamless, transparent and effective communication between our Java development team and the clients.

Destm has established a name for itself in the market when it comes to flexibility. We offer completely flexible business friendly hiring models for clients. This means you can hire our expert Java developers on hourly, fixed monthly or project basis depending on your convenience and needs.

Destm has a wide horizon when it comes to Java development services and solutions. We have solutions for everyone - startups, SMEs, large organizations and everything - mobile apps, e-commerce, automation, mobility, etc. Destm is a one-stop destination for all your Java requirements.

We have an in-house team of expert and experienced Java developers. The skilled developers are committed to delivering highly scalable applications powered by Java using the latest and reliable technologies. Our full-stack Java developers are constantly upgrading themselves in the latest technologies available in the market.

At Destm, we charge clients based on the complexity of the Java Development project. Our costs are reasonable and we don't overcharge clients for any services. Also, with Destm, there are no hidden charges or extra costs.

While developing any application using Java or other frameworks, we pay special attention to the security aspect of the app. All our applications and software have multi-layered security to ensure that no data is compromised.

At Destm, we are very particular about the confidentiality of the project that we are working on and the client details as well. We also sign a confidentiality agreement before starting a project.

At Destm, we practice transparency in whichever service we offer and in whatever we do. For clients who hire us as their Java development partner, we are completely transparent in everything from the pricing to timeline.

The work that we do does not require any words to speak for it. The Java based applications crafted by us are top-notch and have unparalleled quality. At Destm, we never compromise with the quality of services we offer.

At Destm, we believe that it is not just about development and deployment of apps. We offer 24×7 support to our clients. This helps to take care of any technical issues or glitches which they might be facing while using the software.

Hire Java developers from Destm for your digital tech requirements

Are you looking at high-performance and custom Java software applications?

At Destm, we build reliable and flexible next-gen software solutions using Java. Our dedicated and experienced Java developers have skilled expertise in all the major Java frameworks.

Do you have an IT software project in mind?

Power it up with Java and experience unmatched speed and performance that lead to higher sales and conversions.

Being an experienced Java development company, our in-house developers follow an agile development approach.

Hire app developers from Destm under versatile engagement plans depending on your project specifications and budget.

You also have the option to augment your existing in-house Java development team with our skilled and expert Java developers.

Whether you need a single Java developer or an entire Java development team, we have the right professionals for you.

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