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What is LAMP Stack?

LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL/MongoDB/MariaDB +PHP/Python/Perl)

LAMP is a complete stack consisting of four open-source components for website or software development. LAMP is a preferred framework for developers who are looking to develop reliable, scalable, and secure web applications as well as small and large-scale websites at low-cost.

LAMP is an exceptional platform for development and deployment of high-performance web apps. LAMP is a great option for websites, e-commerce portals, and web apps that need heavy coding and are quite complex. LAMP is also used for custom development of applications.

Components of LAMP

LAMP is a combination of popular technologies and programming languages. LAMP has an operating system, server, database, and programming language. LAMP consists of the following four components that are structured in a layered fashion. Each layer forms a crucial part of the complete stack.

  • It forms the lowest or first layer of the stack. It is an open-source operating system offering high flexibility and configuration options. It is used to run servers and is capable of functioning on older hardware as well.
  • It is a web server capable of running on different operating systems. It makes the web applications accessible to everyone in the public by processing requests and transferring information via. the HTTPS
  • MySQL: It is a multi-user, multi-threaded, open-source, relational database management system based on SQL. Its function is storage of app data in a structured form. It is highly reliable at handling data from the most complex web apps or websites with ease.
  • MongoDB: It is a NoSQL document database. It offers a high degree of scalability and flexibility in query processing. Data recovery is fast and instant using MongoDB. It is the preferred choice for high availability of data and cloud-based apps as well. Data integration using MongoDB is much easier and faster as well.
  • MariaDB: It is an open-source relational database that is easy to set up and operate. It offers improved speed, superior performance, and effective replication compared to MySQL.
  • PHP: It is an open-source server-side scripting (programming) language used to develop a wide range of web apps and websites. PHP has a lot of built-in features, making it highly intuitive and a preferred combination to be used with MySQL.
  • Python: It is a high-level programming language used for rapid app development. This advanced programming language is used for artificial intelligence, app development, and web app development as well. Python was adopted over PHP in the LAMP stack for developing more scalable and stable websites and web applications.
  • Perl: It is a general purpose, high-level and dynamic programming language. It offers a great deal of flexibility and robust features to develop web applications. Perl is difficult to use and cannot be embedded into HTML.
  • PHP makes programming and writing new codes easier. It is possible to directly see the changes made immediately by just hitting the refresh button. Python or Perl can also be opted for if a client wishes to swipe out of PHP.

Frameworks we specialize in

Our in-house team of app developers have skilled expertise in a wide variety of frameworks.

PHP CMS frameworks

  • Magento: It is an open-source technology that offers complete control and flexibility to online store owners.
  • WordPress: It is an easy to use and highly powerful CMS used to develop captivating and powerful websites.
  • Drupal: It is an open-source, web content management system used to craft amazing digital experiences.
  • Joomla: It is an open-source and powerful content management system used for building dynamic websites and web applications.
PHP CMS frameworks
PHP frameworks

PHP frameworks

  • Laravel: It is the best open-source PHP framework for the develo-pment of web applications following an MVC architectural pattern.
  • Yii: It is an open-source, object-oriented, highly secure PHP framework for developing modern web applications.
  • CodeIgniter: It is a powerful, open-source framework for developers looking to develop dynamic websites and web apps rapidly with PHP. The small footprint feature makes deployment and updating web apps easy
  • Zend: It is an open-source, object-oriented, PHP framework with a number of features that developers can use to create end-to-end, top-notch web development solutions.
  • Symfony: It is a web app framework having a set of PHP components (libraries) that are reusable. It has a refined MVC architecture and custom features and functionalities.

Python frameworks

  • Django: It is a rich, high-level, server-side, Python web framework used for rapid web app development.
  • Flask: It is a Python-based micro web app development framework. It is easy to build and maintain web apps with the Flask framework.
  • Pyramid: It is a small, fast, lightweight web development framework based on Python. It is used to build web applications with ease.
python frameworks

Advantages of choosing LAMP technology

LAMP technology is an effective way to develop applications, ranging from simple to intricate web apps. There are many benefits of using LAMP technology. These include:



LAMP stack technology is available at a lower price compared to other technology stacks. For developing a single page app or enterprise app, it is the most cost-effective solution.



LAMP stack is a combination of four technology components, all of which are open-source and free to download. This enables app developers to complete a project within a limited budget.

High security

High security

LAMP stack receives regular updates, has secure LINUX architecture, and robust encryption tools which make it highly secure and safe from any kind of vulnerabilities and threats.



The core nature of any business is to keep growing. Scalability is not a challenge in case of websites and applications developed using LAMP stack. It can meet the existing and future requirements of businesses as well.

Quick development

Quick development

By using LAMP stack, it is possible to build web apps quickly without compromising on the quality. The ready availability of different frameworks and libraries means fast web development in less time.



With the LAMP stack, there is no dependency on a single platform. The code can function seamlessly on different platforms - Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux. This provides flexibility of use.

Frequent updates

Frequent updates

LAMP stacks are updated frequently, which means new improvements are made.

Our LAMP stack development expertise

SPA development

Single page application (SPA) development

We have proven experience and expertise in developing single page apps for businesses belonging to different industries. Our app development team makes use of the LAMP technology stack for building APIs (web services) which are then used for the backend of dynamic SPA solutions for businesses.

pwa development

Progressive web application development

Our progressive web apps deliver a native user experience and at the same time reduces the cost of development and saves time as well. Our experts build APIs (web services) using LAMP stack. The APIs can then be used as backend for progressive web apps coupled with the best practices to create engaging experiences for the users.

Website development

Website development

Do you have a complex and intricate website development idea? Our LAMP stack experts have the potential to handle it, thus ensuring complete peace of mind for you. Websites developed by us are power-packed with features and offer a high ROI.

Custom development

Custom web app development

Our expert LAMP web app development team has a rich experience of using the LAMP stack for building custom web apps for businesses. They can develop custom web apps that are highly scalable and feature-rich.

CMS development

CMS development

Our CMS development using LAMP technology stacks helps our clients stay ahead in the competition. Our CMS development services enable you to easily manage content on your websites and applications. Our custom CMS development solutions are tailor-made to meet the needs of clients.

e-commerce websites

E-commerce websites

Are you looking to develop an e-commerce website from scratch? Our adept LAMP developers can build e-commerce websites tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of your business goals, functionality, design, and future growth.

CRM applications

CRM applications

Our customer relationship Management applications are designed to help businesses establish a strong connection with customers, thus improving sales and revenue generation. The CRM software brings all key information and data into a single unit.

Enterprise applications

Enterprise applications

Be it a small or complex project or a small enterprise or startup, enterprise applications developed by us are highly innovative and customer-centric. We make use of the latest tools and technologies while building enterprise apps for our clients.

LAMP server development

LAMP server development

If you are looking for exceptional LAMP server development services, our in-house PHP LAMP developers are well-equipped to handle everything. They stay up-to-date with the latest technologies being used, which makes Destm a pioneer in LAMP server development.

LAMP application migration/porting

LAMP application migration/porting

Our LAMP stack experts offer comprehensive porting and migration solutions to clients. Our highly scalable and bespoke migration and porting services enable clients to use the same application on multiple platforms. This means more revenue generation from the app.

LAMP app maintenance and support

LAMP app maintenance and support

Our LAMP app maintenance and support services help to boost overall productivity and reduce the cost as well. This service ensures that the web apps work seamlessly without interference from any bugs.

Our crucial web app development stages to build amazing apps

Web applications have transformed the ways businesses work and interact with their customers. Being a leading web application development company, Destm has vast experience in developing web applications using LAMP stack. We assist businesses and entrepreneurs build robust web apps.


Review of requirements

Businesses and entrepreneurs have certain ideas in mind with respect to their web app development project. The first and foremost step is to understand these ideas and the exact requirements of the business.


Creating a proposal

Once we get a complete idea about the requirements, we create a detailed document and proposal in which the app goals, features, technologies to be used, budget, and upgrades are listed out. The proposal is prepared after several discussions with the stake-holders of the company.


The blueprint

Once we get clear insights about the web app development project, we create a blueprint of the entire application that enables our developers to determine the entire structure of the web app. Blueprints help to understand how the inner structure of the web app will look like and function. We create wireframes for visual representation of the web app user interface.


Web app designing

Users do not know what is happening at the backend of the web application. What they see is the web app design. In this stage, we focus on the aesthetics (design) of the web application and various interactive elements – font, templates, icons, graphics, buttons, colour schemes, etc.


Web app coding

In this stage, we develop the features and functions of the web apps by coding. We develop frameworks, build app features, deploy APIs, integrate different payment gateways, add securitylayers, and a lot more other capabilities for the web apps. This stage is quite complex; however, the use of LAMP stack makes things relatively easy and convenient for us and the clients as well.


Content and labelling

This stage involves finalizing the content which includes the headlines, captions, and all the text in the web applications. It is essential to write captivating content that keeps the target audience interested.


Testing and launch

After the programming and content creation stage have been completed, we move to the most crucial stage, i.e. testing. Even if everything has been done correctly, there are several things that can go wrong at the last minute. This is the reason why we test the application by checking its core features, links, performance, buttons, etc. Prior to deployment, we first launched the web app in beta version to test its functioning and performance.


Maintenance and updates

Web app development just does not end with launching the app. It needs periodic check-ups and routine maintenance, and focus on future updates as well.

Industries we serve

Destm is your LAMP stack technology partner for all your business needs - be it developing a single page app or progressive web application, we do it all. Our app development services, maintenance and support services help you overcome the technology limitations, helping you focus on the core competency of the business.

Right from the time we started, we have catered to the needs of different businesses belonging to diverse industries. We offer customized app development solutions that are industry specific.

Our agile and intelligent LAMP stack development solutions boost the performance of businesses and increase return on investment.

  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Utilities
industry we serve
  • Banking and Finance
  • Learning
  • Education
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Communications

Why choose Destm for LAMP web development services?

For a simple and easy reason – working with Destm and choosing us as your app development partner will get you to success if you are looking out for your business or brand. Here are some of the points why you should choose Destm.

At Destm, we focus on delivering quality LAMP stack solutions to our clients. We make use of the best possible processes that enable us to build applications of top-notch quality. We adhere to strict quality standards to ensure all deliverables not only match your expectations, but also exceed them.

Ask us any query or raise a concern, and we will answer within the shortest possible time, within 24 hours. We have established a name for ourselves in the industry for having a quick turnaround time for everything.

Our experienced and professional team of in-house developers are trained and have hands-on experience of LAMP technology. Our strong technical team is trained to work together as a team to roll out web apps seamlessly, efficiently, and in a timely manner. They are well-versed with all the latest technologies and tools, which enables us to provide customized solutions for clients.

Clients have the freedom to hire LAMP developers on a full-time basis, part-time basis, or even hourly basis. At Destm, we believe in offering complete flexibility to our clients depending on their project requirements and budget.

At Destm, we understand and respect our client and follow a client-centric approach in our work. Whether you are a startup or a large business, we develop solutions that will help you grow your business and sustain it as well in the long run.

At Destm, we do not believe in overcharging our clients for any service we offer. Depending on the service required, our pricing structure is fixed and reasonable too. This leaves us with no scope for bargaining, as that is not in our DNA. We are known to offer exceptional LAMP development services at competitive prices. We work as LAMP stack technology partners with our clients and focus on repeat businesses and referrals from them. This would not be possible if the pricing was not reasonable for the services we offer.

Whether it is LAMP development or any other service, we offer end-to-end solutions in everything to our clients. This helps to save valuable time, reduce overall cost, facilitates smooth integration and achieve better coordination.

We believe in making things as easy and convenient for our clients as possible. We provide a dedicated project manager to every client who serves as a single point of contact for everything. This means that our clients always get to speak to the person who knows about their project. This saves valuable time for both us and the clients as well.

At Destm, we just don't stop at web app development. We offer a comprehensive package that includes dedicated technical support for every project. Once the application has been rolled out, our trained executives solve all basic to complex problems, so that our clients get timely support when needed.

Hire developers from Destm for unmatched LAMP development services

Do you have a web application idea in mind? Outsource your LAMP development requirements to Destm and get powerful and cost-effective services. We have more than 10 years of experience in designing, development, and hosting web applications and websites using the latest technologies. Leverage the real power of LAMP stack by hiring our talented and expert team of web app developers.

If you have any web development project based on the LAMP stack that you want to complete in a short time, connect with us. One of our representatives will get back to you within 24 hours to understand your requirements.

Partner with us and avail the best-in-class LAMP stack services at affordable prices.

Discuss Your Requirements With Experts Before Making An Investment